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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Even Longers new manual controls offer the most direct and precise manual exposure controls amongst all cameras and apps. Even Longer brings professional long exposure photography to the iPhone with  3 different capture modes: - Frame Averaging mode for beautiful motion blur - Light Trails mode - Star Trails mode for unmatched quality of star trails. The unique Star Trails mode uses special algorithms to reduce the visibility of disturbing objects like airplanes. With the optional PRO membership you get even more: - RAW support for all modes (except iPhone 11 ultra wide) - Intervalometer - Parallel Bracketing for long exposure - Save interim results to select the most pleasing result later or keep some variants - Lossless TIFF support Even Longer allows for a total capture time of up to 24 hours Just use a tripod and you will be able to craft stunning long exposure images with your iPhone. This is way easier than with most DSLRs. No ND filter required. Set your capture time from 1 second to several hours.

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