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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



* BEST ACCURACY! * EASIEST TO USE! * PROVEN BY CRITICS! * ** NOW WORKS WITH iOS 10+!! ** PocketStep technology proven accuracy with 150,000+ users over 8 years! ** Crash-proofed for all iOS versions ** For more info, go to: *RECOMMENDED by WeightWatchers, Harvard Medical, Women's Health, & Men's Fitness! "ONE OF THE COOLEST APPS...A PEDOMETER ON STEROIDS"- iPhoneness "IMPRESSIVELY ACCURATE" - WeightWatchers TOP PICKS: √WeightWatcher's Top 10 Fitness Apps (1st) √Harvard Medical √Oprah's O Magazine √Women's Health √Men's Fitness √“Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies” √“Best iPhone Apps √Gizmodo √iPhoneLife √CNET …many more! Just start iTreadmill and drop your iPhone/iPod Touch into your pocket. It will use the accelerometer to accurately measure: ◆Step Count ◆Distance (miles/km) ◆Calories burned ◆Current & Average Speed & Pace ◆Time elapsed ◆Strike Rate (steps/min) …more info than a real treadmill! Record your workout while walking the mall, count steps at work/home, run/walk in the neighborhood,park,track, in the gym on a treadmill/elliptical. Bad weather? Walk/Run in place at your desk at work, or while watching TV at home! Goal Setting & Graphs motivate you to reach your fitness goals & beyond! Some apps are too complex, some too basic. iTM has the right balance of features & ease of use. At its core is PocketStep™ technology, proven the most accurate - beating other apps & real pedometers in accuracy tests by users! iTM has Distance Correction, which calculates & uses your real stride! Others use estimated strides. *Works in your pocket or hand (pls minimize arm swings)! No expensive arm band/belt clip needed, though it works great with those too! EVERYONE RAVES ABOUT iTM: ◆PROVEN RESULTS! =>“In 2009 I dropped 55 lbs of weight and iTreadmill was a key part of it” –blog =>“This app helps me TONS. So far I have lost 18 lbs in the past month” –RnSteven ◆THE BEST! =>“By far the best pedometer…boy this thing is accurate!” – techmaster8,YouTube ◆MOTIVATING! =>“I have taken 125 walks since downloading iTreadmill. Walked 307.9 miles at an average speed of 3.7 mph. I could not do this without iTreadmill.” – John M. =>“It really motivated me to work out since it’s so fun and easy to use” – ◆ACCURATE! =>“The critics seem to like this one, and I tell you what…I do too. It has outstanding accuracy, thanks to PocketStep” – AssociatedContent =>“It’s performance is vastly superior to ANY “pro” stand-alone pedometer I have purchased.” - Avi155 ◆BEST FEATURES! =>“iTreadmill has the most impressive set of features among pedometer apps” –iPhoneAppsFinder ◆#1 SUPPORT! =>“the support is EXCELLENT! incredibly useful, well-made app backed by outstanding, very responsive and helpful people.” –d..ecay EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS! ◆Lose weight ◆Get in shape ◆Count steps ◆Improve cardio/endurance ◆Reduce stress! ◆ GREAT FEATURES: • Set Goals! • Backup/restore workout data to your computer! • Built in Music Player, create your iTM playlist! • Pacer’s beat keeps you on “dialed-in” pace/speed • Auto Pause/Resume • View & email years of History, use in spreadsheet • Motivating Cool Graphs! • Wallpapers! • Support,help,videos links • Auto screen blank in pocket (iPhones only) • No calibration needed! • Simple method to use your exact stride: If distance is incorrect: tap STOP, enter correct distance, save new stride, and resume activity. You’ll get accuracy for that activity & from then on. *TALK ON THE PHONE! Algorithm works even holding the phone to your ear & talk! (Once you're on the phone, press Home & launch iTMl) ◆NOTES: No GPS used- use indoors/outdoors, any weather, even if GPS signal is poor. Already have a GPS app? Get this too, so you can exercise in any situation * NO FAKE REVIEWS POLICY: WE NEVER POST REVIEWS OF OUR APP OR OUR COMPETITOR'S INTEGRITY & CARE IS OUR POLICY ◆ANY ISSUES? EMAIL US! Get #1 support, fast response!

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