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Turn your photos into Tiny Planets, Rabbit Holes and amazing videos in one tap. Transform your panoramas, travel and landscape photos to see the world in a whole new way. Eye-catching, surprising and lots of fun to make. No need for hours in Photoshop or After Effects; Tiny Planet Photos helps you create this amazing effect with one tap in an instant. ---------------------------------- FEATURES • Turn your photo into a Tiny Planet in one tap or invert the effect to make a Rabbit Hole. • Make a Video Planet and see your photo go from a Tiny Planet to a Rabbit Hole and back again. • Use the in-app camera with a live preview of your Tiny Planet! • Or pick photos from your camera roll using the custom image picker. The picker has a Tiny Planet Preview mode that turns all thumbnails into Tiny Planets. A great way to quickly see which photos will work well as a Tiny Planet. • Or play around with one of the sample images. • Instant Compare: Swipe your Tiny Planet to the right to compare it to the original photo. • Automatic Gallery: Tiny Planets and Rabbit Holes you save or share are automatically collected in a gallery - all your best planets in one place to view, show and share. • Share your Tiny Planets on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, via email or SMS, or save them to your camera roll. ---------------------------------- BUY ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN THE EXTRAS PACK (IN-APP PURCHASE) Want to get even more out of Tiny Planet Photos and Video? Unlock the Extras Pack for additional features: • Live Editing Tools to tweak your Tiny Planet to perfection: Edge Blur, Edge Alignment, amount of Warp, Zoom, Rotation, Move your planet up/down and left/right, Aspect Ratio. • Use the Live Editing Tools both in the editor and in the camera! • Up to 4000 x 4000 pixel output resolution for images, up to 2900 x 2900 pixel output resolution for videos • Adjust the duration and aspect ratio of your Tiny Planet Videos and tweak the Edge Blur and Edge Alignment. • 3 more video effects: Video Rotate, Video Zoom and Video Blast. ---------------------------------- JOIN THE TINY PLANET PHOTOS COMMUNITY Instagram: @madeWithTinyPlanets #TinyPlanet Tag your image with #TinyPlanet to be featured in our Instagram feed. Email us: [email protected]

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