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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Get rid of that pouting mamatummy - regardless of the kids’ age. The first ever app with exercises designed specifically to deal with that mamatummy. RECENTLY BECOME A MOTHER? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you might be looking forward to coming back to your old shape and clothes. But after pregnancy your abdominal muscles are very stretched. Exercising correctly is the only way to regain shape and function. You should therefore avoid sit-ups and planking, which will only worsen your mamatummy. The MamaTummy app provides exercises which not only helps your body heal, but also strengthens your inner abdominal muscels -fast, safe and efficient! Developed by Katarina Woxnerud, fitness expert and a mother of two. EXERCISE 5 MINUTES A DAY Training at home, without equipment. New workout can be registered after 5 minutes. 7 LEVELS Gentle start for finding the correct muscles. Every level provides additional challenge. Before you advance to a new level you test yourself with a self test. 37 DIFFERENT EXERCISES Demonstrated by film or photo. Clear and simple explanations. Timer to keep track of time. LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR MAMATUMMY Comprehensible information about what the mamatummy is, what you should think about when you work out, how you test your abdominal muscle separation, what you should think about in everyday life. Like us on Facebook for the latest updates. USERS #Amazing tool, I wish this was here for my firstborn as well. #Finally. Exercises which help. #Not accustomed to exercising this light at first, but when the exercises are done correctly they really are tiring. #Great with self testing after every level, so you know that you got stronger. #Your waist really shrinks! Developers: Sparkling Zoo and Woxnerud

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