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The simplest and most reliable way to listen to your favourite AM, FM and online radio stations on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Join the millions of people using our radio tuner today! ◉ Listen to Simple Radio for free: • Play 50,000+ global radio stations on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch • Make the most of our extremely reliable radio tuner - eliminating drops is our main priority • Enjoy your favourite AM, FM and online stations with no buffering or interruptions • Save your favourite stations and listen to them with just one tap • Clean and user-friendly interface • No registration needed ◉ Simple Radio’s free radio tuner is the perfect way to: • Listen to your favourite radio stations • Discover new music • Stay connected to your home while living abroad • Make your commute more exciting • Practise a foreign language ◉ Find specific content based on your interests: • Trending music • Specific music genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk & more) • Live sports like football, rugby, cricket and much more • Breaking news • Talk radio Tune in to your favourite Radio Stations like: LBC London, Heart, Absolute Radio, Magic, Classic FM, Jazz FM, Capital London, Kiss FM, Kisstory, Planet Rock, Smooth Radio, Talksport, BBC & more. Why are our Premium Features the best purchase you'll make this year? • You'll be able to set a sleep timer to fall asleep to your favourite station. • You’ll never see another ad in our app! *Don't forget that in-app purchases cannot be shared with family members. ——— Download Simple Radio Today For Free ——— What others are saying about Simple Radio: • "Every time I tune in, I'm taken back to my childhood. You can access a wide range of stations at the tap of a finger. Online radio doesn't get much better than this.” Dan K., London • “I can now access my hometown radio station - over 1,200 miles away!” - Roxanne L., New York Love Simple Radio by Streema? ◉ We're on a mission to simplify the online radio listening experience on all devices. This has led to the development of Simple Radio - and we would love to hear your feedback! > Follow us on Twitter: > Like us on Facebook: Questions or feedback? • We love hearing from you and we read every single email you send us! • Do you want us to add a specific radio station? Do you have any suggestions? Please feel free to reach to contact us at [email protected] This software uses code of FFmpeg ( licensed under the LGPLv2.1 ( Privacy policy: Terms of use: >>> All product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within this profile and the Simple Radio app are the property of the respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Streema or our services.

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