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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Welcome to Coaster Clash! This matching game combines match pairs gameplay (Players take turns uncovering cards to try finding as many identical pairs as possible) with fancy Beat-em-Up Elements and a pinch of Role Playing Game. And by the way it improves your ability to concentrate and helps to train your short term memory. This is how you play: Uncover two identical Coaster Monsters and strike your opponent with a quick swipe – or combine multiple pairs to a devastating combo attack. But beware – to be victorious isn’t as easy as you think. Find the perfect moment to strike and always keep an eye on the elements of your Coaster Monsters – not every type is effective against the other... Combine clever - here is an example: A Water Coaster extinguishes Fire, but a Fire Coaster burns the Leaf Coaster. Leaf Coasters are strong against Water etc. Features: 3 Different Game modes Play the „Arcade Mode“ and Unlock new Worlds and Trainers. Every Trainer has special abilities and will become stronger over time by earning experience. Can you beat the Highscore in the „Deathmatch Mode“. Are you ready to Fight you friends in the local multiplayer „Battle Mode“? Play against each other on the same device and find out in exciting duels who the better Coaster Trainer really is. Featuring a driving and pumping Soundtrack. Coaster Clash can be played for free and has no Ads. By the way: The Gameplay mashup idea comes from my 5 years old daughter. She came up with that idea while playing a simple memo game and extended it with beach stones and shells representing health points.

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