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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



FSNotes is modern notes manager for macOS and iOS. This app respects open formats like GitHub Flavored Markdown, so you can easily write documents on iPhone and MacBook. Swift powerful with tons of features for professionals: - iCloud Drive with subfolders and 3d party apps for iOS 13+ - 3DTouch and configurable default keyboard - TextBundles and EncryptedTextBundles containers - Pin/unpin (macOS companion sync) - RTF and Markdown markup - Markdown editor with highlighting (code blocks too) - Markdown preview - Search with keywords highlighting - Sharing extension - Dynamic font on iOS11 - Night mode by day/night (location) monitoring - Night mode by screen brightness - Sidebar with folders and tags - Inline images - Inline tags - Dark theme - Encryption AES-256 - Mermaid and MathJax - Notes versioning

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