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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Jack Rope is back and running. In this brand new game he is facing the next challenge: RUNNING! Can you help him to win all Running Grand Prix? Jack Rope's Running is a real Training & Fitness game. That means if you run, Jack also runs! But there's more than speed to win a race. A bit of luck and skill is also important in this game. Collect items like Rockets, Flashes, Speedups and more to spend Jack a short Power-Up or stun your opponents. (It's a bit like some popular Kart racing games) More Features are: * Asynchronous multiplayer modes. - Run and beat your „Real World“ friends - Get push messages if a friends beats you. * Unlock up to 10 Runners by collecting coins on the run * Win the 3 golden cups in "Grand Prix Mode" * Unlock more than 10 different running courses from 3 to 15 km. * Unlock surprising special challenges -- In a nutshell, the App tracks your movement distance using your Activity/Health data and visualize it in a gamified way to enlarge your motivation. -- Health App Integrations: Jack Rope Runs uses your health data from the Health App (HealthKit) to display your energy burned, track your steps and distance moved and displays your current heart rate.

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