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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Jack Rope’s Training ist the perfect addition to make your daily training routine more fun. Can you beat your inner Demon every day? This tiny fitness game can help you to stay motivated. Use your Apple Watch to track rope jumps, jumping jacks, sit-ups, etc. or do a firm walk or run to beat your inner (lazy) demons. How it works: The on-screen character (Jack Rope) will reflect your movements, allowing your jumps to be counted, and you can also record how many times you’ve jumped each day. 
By moving your hands and jumping at the right time, your score will increase. Beat your inner Demons every day and earn credits (coins) by Skipping the Rope, Jumping the Jack, Walking, Running or do some other Training. Exchange your coins for new abilities and new moves to beat your inner demons and collect power-ups and items. Open the portals to travel from town to town. Get stronger and beat all demons around the world. Season 2 supported exercises: - Rope Skipping — You can use a real Skipping Rope or perform the movement without a real one. - Jumping Jacks — The classics - Burpees — Perfect for HIIT - Sit-ups & Torso Rotary — strengthen your core - Walking, Running, Biking, Swimming — Counting your steps and distance - And more with future updates In the Gym: „Training Mode“ A new day a new Demon! Stay in streak and become stronger and stronger to beat the largest demons and earn the highest scores. Location Based: „Adventure mode“: Can you catch them all? Enter the worldmap to find new Demons near your location. Discover more than 50 Demons (and counting) around your Location, beat it and increase your Powers. Standalone Watch-App: ! Designed for Watch ! The iPhone App is only a companion app to reflect your progress ! Jack Rope Runs works without a connected phone and does not require an internet connection. Health App Integrations: Jack Rope Runs uses your health data from the Health App (HealthKit) to display your energy burned, track your steps and distance moved and displays your current heart rate.

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