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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Sectograph is a visual day planner that displays your calendar events on a pie chart in the form of a 12/24 hour clock face. It's a different way of looking at the day HOW IT WORKS The visual planner works like an analog clock widget. It automatically receives all the calendar events and overlays them on the 12/24 hour dial. This provides a different, more efficient view of your schedule. HOW IT LOOKS It looks like a projection of your calendar of events onto a 12-hour dial that has hour and minute hands just like a regular watch. Event sectors are displayed in those hour intervals in which they will occur. The interval of idle time between events is displayed between sectors, as well as the time from an hour hand to the start of each event. Events are displayed automatically 12/24 hours ahead of time. The calendar and analog clock, combined, give a visual representation of your busyness, allow you to effectively plan and calculate daytime. Use a widget for better integration. AREAS OF APPLICATION • Day scheduling and timing. Conveniently track your daily tasks, meetings, events and at any time know how much time is left to wait until the end of the current event and until the start of the next. Don't be late. • Accounting and control of working hours. Keep your phone in your workplace and you will be completely under control. • Class schedule. Observe how much time is left before the end of a tiresome lecture at the university and never be late for laboratory work. • Schedule of the day. Follow your daily routine and get better, just use the app to keep track of your to-dos and daily tasks. Take rest breaks in time! • Trip timer and flight duration. Are you losing the passage of time due to endless travel and flights? Control check-in time, boarding time and flight duration. Keep everything under control. • Make your meal, medication, and exercise schedule clearer. Lead the right lifestyle and be healthy! • Convenient countdown to scheduled events in the app and widget. The plan of the day will be executed exactly. • The app may appeal to fans of Pomodoro and Chronodex timer technologies. Time tracking with him will happen in a new way.

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