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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



The Ultimate Code Wrapper gives you the ability to access all your Code-Server, OpenVSCode Server, gitpod,,*, github codespaces, github1s, jupyter notebooks, jetbrains projector and stackblitz online instances in one place "with tweeks". That means you can use all defined and global shortcuts without the limitation of a browser. UCoW also adds a custom Keybar, including an innovative new "cursor control stick" to the virtual keyboard. Short features overview: • Access to all keyboard shortcuts (physical keyboard required) • Extra Key-bar with many onscreen shortcuts (including a virtual stick to move the cursor without a trackpad/mouse) • Best possible performance on iPad devices • Quick switch between multiple code-server instances • Optimized Trackpad support • Multi instance and window support • Editor scale/zoom support ••• ! ••• This app requires a self hosted code-server instance or an account at one of the supported services ••• ! ••• Supported Services: • Code-Server (self-hosted) You can download code-server at: • NEW! OpenVSCode Server (self-hosted) Download it at: • NEW! Support for VSCode and Jupyter Notebook Add-On in Home Assistant ( • NEW! Join a live share (VSCode Extension) on via URL or Liveshare id • Gitpod ( • Github Codespaces ( • Github1s ( • Stackblitz ( •* ( • Jetbrains Projector ( • Jupyter Notebooks ( • more services will follow soon * IMPORTANT! for (VS Code Server & Liveshare) there is an new separate App available on the AppStore. Please check out: "VSCoW - Code Wrapper" for this case. ••• ! ••• An internet connection is required to work ••• ! ••• An external keyboard is recommended to use the app since selection with the touch cursor is not supported in VSCode at this moment. This is a wrapper app only and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

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