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Oct, 2020


Oct, 2020



Create Live Photo from videos or images for your lock screen! No 5 second limit! - The VideoToLive app is a very simple and streamlined app that turns your videos into Live Photo for your lock screen. - Share your Live Photos. - Save Live Photos shared by others with VideoToLive app. - Create GIFs from videos and Live Photos with a GIF maker! - Convert an image or a sequence of images to a Live Photo. - Convert Live Photos of any length to videos. * Live Photos can be used as live wallpaper on iPhone 6s and above. * Please send your questions or suggestions by visiting :)

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Mohaned Njahi on 2020-11-23
Ik heb iPhone XR mijn live wallpaper is ongeveer 40 sec. Maar hij werkt nog steeds niet ongeacht of energiebesparingsmodus aanstaat of niet. Ook is mijn IOS ge-update naar iOS 14. Kunnen jullie me helpen?
je kanker moedrr on 2020-11-23
Can someone explain why it doesn’t work for me?

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