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XPS-to-PDF is a simple, efficient and fast way to batch convert XML Paper Specification (.xps) and OpenXPS (.oxps) documents into fully vectored high quality PDF files on iPhone and iPad. XPS-to-PDF supports JPEG and Flate image compression types and JPEG quality settings for PDF conversion. Do not found decent XPS/OXPS reader on your iPhone and iPad? Simply convert XPS/OXPS documents into quality PDF documents and read in your favorite PDF reader. XPS-to-PDF supports batch conversion. Select multiple XPS/OXPS files in document browser view and tap Convert button at top to start batch conversion. XPS to PDF CONVERSION FEATURES: - Converts XPS to fully vector-PDF documents. Preserves text, vector graphics and raster images as editable PDF contents. - Preserves Bookmarks (Outline). - Preserves XPS internal and external topic hyperlinks into PDF. It automatically maintains XPS topic and page navigation links into PDF compatible annotations. - Supports PDF conversion using JPEG and Flate image compression methods. Can set image quality for JPEG image compression. - Preserves metadata properties. DESTINATION PATH : Convenient options to store converted PDF files at your easily accessible location. Choose from following Save Next to Original Documents - Tap this button to save a converted file into the same location and directory as an existing original document. The converted document with unique name will be saved beside original document. Save to App’s Documents Folder - Tap this button to save a converted file with unique name into XPS-to-PDF Documents folder. Choose How to Send - Tap on this button to popup standard iOS activity controller. Tap one of the option in activity controller for sending, saving or posting a converted PDF. Choose a location, or provide the requested information (for example, an email address if you are sending an email) then send or post a copy of converted PDF. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT - The inbuilt document browse view automatically gives you the option to share documents using the Share button or a drag-and-drop action. It also provides a standard interface for browsing and managing documents. - Automatically handles access to iCloud for you within the app. It also provides access to documents managed by third-party storage service extensions installed on your device. - Browse, find and sort documents to help you locate the document you want. Tap the XPS/OXPS file that you want to convert. - You can move, delete, duplicate and rename a document with document manager in browser view. - In the document manager, you can group related documents into folders so they’re easy to find. Note: XPS-to-PDF is a standalone application running natively to open and convert XPS and OXPS documents securely right on your iOS device. You can refer inbuilt User Manual for any assistance Or Contact Support.

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