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May, 2020


May, 2020



• Scan business cards and turn them into phone contacts • 2 ways of scanning: by photographing or by downloading • Recognition, registration, notifications on scanning process New efficient solution for all busy people who can't lose time by entering a new contact in the iPhone address book. Business Card Holder: Contacts is a scan application for business cards that quickly recognizes and registers new data in your contacts book. Scan business cards in 2 ways: • Take a photo • Download a picture from the gallery Wait a bit while the application recognizes new data. If the scanning process fails, you'll get a notification. If the recognition is successful, the registered data will be displayed in the field of a new contact. Features: • Business cards scanner - recognition and registration • 2 ways of scanning: by photographing or by downloading • Notifications about scanning process • New data editing • Business cards overview by one touch • Unlimited scanning and data registration

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