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Create an ideal staircase with one simple measurement. Fine-tune the stairs to fit your space with an easy to use and understand, graphical interface. Enter the total rise, and the app calculates total run (base length or overall run), pitch (angle or slope), unit run (goings or tread), unit rise (rise or step height), and all other measurements. You can then adjust the total run to fit your available space or preferred tread materials. A feature unique to Delux Stairs fine-tunes the stringer to accommodate for differences in flooring thicknesses such as the tread thickness and upper and lower finished flooring. This ensures every step is identical, which is the difference between clumsy, dangerous, amateur stairs and professional-quality, comfortable, code-compliant stairs. Additional stair details, such as nosing, riser thickness and stringer dimensions are also calculated and adjustable. Blueprint plans can be directly printed or emailed in PDF which include platform position options, stringer peak positions, bottom step rise adjustments, top step run adjustments, and more. The headroom clearance tool is also unique to Delux Stairs and not only shows you top floor opening requirements with adjustable floor thicknesses, but also continuous headroom obstruction clearance from the top to the bottom of the stairs. ◎ No ads, notifications, permission, subscriptions or in-app purchases. ◎ Direct visual graphic feedback for quick, easy to understand design. ◎ Diagrams & info screens make the sometimes cryptic terms clear. ◎ Email the finished blueprints to the client or to yourself. ◎ Print finished blueprints on any AirPrint-compatible printer. ◎ Takes flooring and tread thickness differences into account to ensure each step is identical to comply with building codes. ◎ Presets for Outdoor (decking), Indoor (plywood or hardwood) or Masonry (concrete) stairs. ◎ Perfect for open stringer and concrete designs & a great starting point for housed and box stairs. ◎ Headroom Clearance tool for determining top floor opening as well as continuous overhead obstruction clearance. ◎ High contrast, large text screens can be seen in bright sunlight at the job site. Settings include: - Imperial or Metric systems - Specify Preferred Target Unit Run - Specify Preferred Target Unit Rise - Select point where inches > ft or mm > meters - Customize Minimum Headroom

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