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HEAR FETAL SOUNDS Listen to the fetal sounds in the womb, hear the baby’s heart beats and record the heartbeat. A beautiful bonding experience that can be done at home, in a relaxed environment with just a mobile device and no other accessories needed. CAPTURE PREGNANCY MOMENTS Enjoy a wonderful pregnancy experience that allows an exciting pick into your baby in the uterus. Capture beautiful pregnancy moments that can be saved forever and shared with loved ones. Use My Baby Beat on the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy, as the baby gets bigger, and the fetal heartbeat sounds stronger and easier to find (best after 30 weeks). THE FIRST AND THE BEST “My Baby Beat” was the first app to pick up fetal heartbeat sounds using breakthrough technology. Since it was launched in 2011 it kept improving and constantly maintaining its lead in both popularity and innovation. My Baby Beat offers excellent sound quality due to years of development and optimizations with countless raw audio recordings, analyzes, live testing and validation with pregnant women. Unlike a fetal doppler or fetal heartbeat monitors, My Baby’s Beat requires no special accessories. It uses the microphone of your mobile device to pick up the sounds in the uterus and the fetal heartbeat. GET ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED Since hearing the baby’s heartbeat is sometimes a challenge, we offer you all the support you need: - A tutorial with images and instructions - Sound samples, so you’ll know what to expect - FAQs for common issues - A devoted customer service which will be happy to help and guide you through any question or inquiry you might have. The app does not use any communication such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular. It passively uses the device's internal microphone to pick up the sounds, therefore it is recommended for use in airplane mode. For more info, visit: * * * PLEASE NOTE * * * My Baby Beat is not a medical device, has not been reviewed by the FDA or other authorities, and is not intended as a replacement for medical advice of any kind. Do not make any medical assumptions and/or decisions based on this app! For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor/midwife. To use our app, you must accept our license terms and privacy policy, which can be viewed by clicking the "License agreement" link in the app store. Please make sure to review it, before you download the app.

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