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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



This is a very simple, amazing, and addictive tap tap frog game to kill time. Tap your screen when the platform is above froggy so that it can jump safely and doesn't fall into the water! Our amazing little froggy is in danger (or great reluctancy to swim?)! It is in the depth of a well and it wants to jump up to avoid the rising water below it (it does not like swim too much, weird as it may seems for an amazing frog!). Your job in this game is to help our amazing frog to jump as high as possible from the depth of the well. If you jump enough amount of platforms above you then maybe (just maybe) our froggy can jump out of the well and avoid the swimming that it hates so much! Enjoy collecting the points and join the struggle of our froggy and try to tap as precise and as many as possible to gain scores/points. Compete with your friends to try and see who has got the highest score/point/rank in the game! It takes precision skill to gain high scores/points in this game! Hope you enjoy this simple tap tap game, amazing frog game - tap & jump!

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