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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Baby Prenatal Music, mainly neurological fetal sonic stimulation of the auditory organ, the brain to stimulate the growth of the fetus. Repeatedly broadcast pregnant eight months after a fixed music, for children born after the music-loving culture, and for the development of the child's imagination basis. On how selections, how to control the playback volume, play frequency, playing time, etc., in order to achieve better results, the need to refer to expert advice. Instructions Prenatal music selection fetus fetal movement were awakening. Usually before going to sleep at night is more appropriate, can be played directly by tape recorders, tape recorders degree from the pregnant woman should be about 1 meter, sound intensity 65 decibels to 70 decibels. Can also use special equipment such as prenatal prenatal instrument directly on the maternal abdominal wall of the corresponding parts of the fetal head, the size of the volume of the microphone can be heard across the palm of the sound intensity based on adult, that is the equivalent of the fetus in the womb can hear the sound intensity to debug. Maternal abdominal wall thickness, volume can be slightly larger; thin abdominal wall of pregnant women should be appropriate to the volume smaller. Prenatal rhythm of the music should be flat, smooth, without lyrics, the music atmosphere should be gentle and sweet. But do not pay attention to the ordinary non-professional recorders and other equipment directly on the abdominal wall of pregnant women to listen to the fetus. Listen to music while in the fetus, pregnant women should listen through headphones for pregnant women with mental tape inducing word, or choose their favorite variety of music, and with the content of the music performance, scenario of association, and strive to achieve relaxed and happy mood, thereby attitude adjustment, enhanced prenatal effect. 1, pregnant women, starting from 17 weeks of pregnancy so that the fetus Prenatal listening to music, every 15-30 minutes, 2-3 times a day; 2, with a tape recorder playback, pregnant women 1.5-2 meters away from the speaker, the speaker sound intensity at 65-70 decibels; 3, if the abdominal wall in pregnant women with prenatal playback device, the headset at prenatal instrument is 60 db can. Pregnant women in music, in fact, the fetus is also "enjoy." Because the fetus is in the rapid physical and mental growth and development period, more music, art fetal brain cell development is beneficial. Infants receiving music education than earlier, earlier development and use of the right brain is conducive to the growth of children. Continue learning after birth in an atmosphere of music and life, bring greater benefits the child's intelligence and acceptance. Prenatal Music for a scientific, intellectual and artistic. Do not go against maternal and fetal physiological and psychological characteristics, and do not instill rigid formal theory, to achieve the purpose of prenatal care in entertaining environment. Do not choose those voices loud, fast-paced music, they are neither suitable for your meditation eliminate anxiety, nor the baby's conception welcome; you can select those quiet, melodious tracks conducive to reverie. To use safe and effective prenatal music playback device. Due to incomplete development of the fetal cochlea, some for adults harmless sound may harm the fetus young ears. Existing studies agree that the best strength to the fetus hear the music not exceed 60 decibels, the frequency of not more than 2000Hz. Common CD players, speakers and other playback equipment can not control the volume of the audio playback size, so pregnant women in the past to open high-power speakers or headphones on the abdomen of the fetus music prenatal education approach not only unscientific, but also potential for harm to the fetus .

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