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Dec, 2022



This APP is designed to accurately determine your click-through rate. Click speed is usually measured in CPS (clicks per second in English). The number of CPS is obtained by dividing the number of clicks by time. You can use a stopwatch to manually operate and count the number of clicks yourself, but the result is not as accurate as the automatic test on this APP. What is it? On CPS-Test, we provide: Great click Great show Click-through rate graph after each test Your click rate history Click speed level after each test CPS-Test draws a chart of the click speed during the test so that you can see the change in the click speed over time. This is a very important function that helps to detect muscle fatigue, especially during prolonged testing. What is a good click speed? The average person can easily click for 10-60 seconds at a clicking speed of 5-7. This is a very common number that can be achieved through conventional click technology. Any click speed higher than 7 can be considered a good result. Ordinary players can get this number in a short-term trial. A click speed of 10 or higher is a good result, usually cannot be achieved with conventional click techniques, and requires some advanced skills. Click Technology As mentioned above, there is more than one way to click. Let's take a quick look at these methods. Regular Click (Butterfly Click) Just like when you are working on a PC, just click. This is natural and easy to do, but not very fast-ordinary players can achieve a maximum click speed of 5-8 using this method. Butterfly click This technique requires the use of two fingers on the mouse button. In short, it is to click continuously with two fingers. Using this method, professional gamers can get up to 30 click speeds. This technique is most suitable for a mouse that allows double-clicking. Otherwise, the click speed gain will not be too great. Jitter Click Jitter clicks are another way to increase click speed, but require more training to use the game. The basis of this method is to force the hand to the position where the mouse clicks, and then quickly press the mouse button with your finger like a woodpecker. Seen from the side, the hand is shaking, and it feels the same. This technique is almost impossible to aim, and requires non-slip mouse buttons and desktop surfaces. Low DPI, heavy mouse and good pads will make aiming possible. 12-20 maximum click speed Drag Click If the above two methods are slightly dependent on the mouse, then "drag and click" is almost only related to the mouse you use. With this method, the click is not generated by pressing the button, but the vibration caused by dragging the finger on the button. These vibrations can only occur when the button surface is rough or not smooth. Far from all rats can do it. The click speed of click and drag depends on the mouse, up to 100. Autoclick Just program the mouse to quickly click. Many mice are programmable, and you can attach scripts to certain buttons. Or there is software that can automatically click any mouse or even keyboard. Theoretically, the maximum click speed of the automatic oscillator is 1000 (pause time is 1 millisecond), but the game usually records a much smaller click speed. Of course, this method is illegal in most online games and can be called cheating because it requires the use of third-party scripts. If you do not want to be banned, please do not do it online.

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