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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



DTNet is a browser that shows the desktop version of websites. You can browse high-definition pictures and videos .Eg. Youtube mobile website don't support selecting resolutions while DTNet does. It supports tampermonkey user scripts. • Images of websites: Filter by image type or size • Music of websites • Video of websites • Auto skip AD of youtube • Picture in Picture • JavaScript user scripts • Cookies of websites • Inspect network of web site, javascript Fetch/XHR. • Javascript network to cURL. eg. Graphql • Native iOS video player: Skip,Change play rate ,select resolutions (Youtube/Twitter) • Multiple tabs • Privacy mode. Disable Browsing history feature • User agent: Safari of iPhone iPad Mac • Dark mode and night mode Support tampermonkey Interface (iOS13+) - unsafeWindow - GM_getValue - GM_setValue - GM_deleteValue - GM_log - GM_addElement - GM_addStyle - GM_openInTab - GM_xmlhttpRequest You can find a lot of interesting tampermonkey user scripts from

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