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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



• Easy School is the ultimate all-in-one student app for you. Features: • Grade calculator - Create any number of semesters, subjects, exams* and part exams*. - Calculate the average and your target grades. - Weight tests and subjects as desired. - Create and use templates for your semesters. • Timetable - Insert a picture of your timetable. • Browser - Often you get your grades online. Save a website of your choice and use the app as a browser. • Holiday Countdown - Save any date as a countdown. From now on, you always know when your holidays begin. • iCloud* - Sync the app with the iCloud. This will sync all your devices. In addition, your data is also saved when deleting or transferring the app to a new device. *You can only create unlimited exams and partial exams, back up your data in the iCloud and sync with all your devices, if you own the full version.

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