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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Exchange Rate Bao is a real-time exchange rate query software, offers more than 170 commonly used currencies and precious metals between the cash purchase / selling price, cash buy / sell price, the conversion price of the bank, as well as instant messaging, etc. Discover the history of the exchange rate, the ultimate simple operating experience. [Currency Calculator] support the currency price even mixed computing operation; [Day trend] provides the exchange rates prevailing trend, provide a visual reference for the user to do short-term money to finance and investment; [Historical exchange] rates used historical data, provide a visual reference for the user to do long-term money to finance and investment; [Real-time exchange rates] every user query is to obtain the latest data on exchange rates; [Save traffic] exchange server data compression and transmission result, almost no traffic consumption; [Reliable data] data from Yahoo Finance; [Versatility] monetary value replication, currency symbols, automatically empty, add and delete custom sorting, names of countries money smart search, press operation and other co-operation symbol.

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