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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



This is a very simple precision tapping play of a tap tap game. Try to tap at the right time to shoot missile to gain points and see how many points you can accumulate by flying the flying rocket to the furthest place using your tapping precision! In this tap precision game, you will help a flying rocket in navigating through the iron pillars. You must shoot the missiles which the flying rocket has by tapping in your gadget screen at the right time (when the indicator is in the shooting zone). Get the iron pillar to explode not the flying rocket! Enjoy to gain as many points/scores as possible and compete with your friends to see who has the best precision in terms of tapping in this tap precision game. See your rank compared to your friends and try to get the highest one! It takes precision skill to gain high scores/points in this game! I hope you enjoy this flying rocket - tap precision game application!

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