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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Gauss-Krüger Coordinates Tool is a great tool to convert your coordinates into different formats. You can convert your coordinates into 4 formats: - Gauss-Krüger - Decimal degrees (DDD.DDDDDD°) - GPS Format (DDD° MM.MMM′) - Sexagesimal (DDD° MM′ SS″) Extra functions: - You can locate yourself and convert these coordinates. - You can set a pin or move a pin and it shows you the coordinates of the pin. - You can see the distance between you and the coordinates or between you and the pin. - You can search for locations. - You can share and send your coordinates. - You can display the coordinates (or your location) on the maps app. - You can save and load coordinates to use them later. - You can hide the map to save battery and mobile data.

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