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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



This is a loud and hilarious set of laugh sounds in an application! Feeling happy but do not know how to express it well? Or you probably just need to hear some laughter to cheer up your mood? Well we have this Laughing Sounds Collection application ready for you to download and use! With this hilarious laugh sound set app, you can: - Laugh at a joke thrown to you in a unique way - Surprise people with a laughter sound - Any other creative implementation you can think of using some laugh sounds This app consist of unique laugh sounds like: - Baby laugh - Chicken laugh - Crowd laughs - Dolphin laugh - Ghost laugh - Giggle - Gremlin laugh - Hyena laugh - Imp laugh - Kids laugh - Kokkaburra laugh - Man laugh - Parrot laugh - Santa laugh - Witch laugh - Woman laugh We hope you enjoy using this Laughing Sounds Collection application!

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