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origin When music became a therapy Modern music therapy originated during World War II. At that time the US military doctors found that listening to music not only improve the mood of the sick and wounded, but also reduce the infection rate and mortality, this phenomenon has aroused the attention of the world. Initially, musicians and clinicians try to use music for clinical treatment, and through clinical research to confirm its safety and effectiveness. Then, with the intervention of many experts, such as psychology, physiology, neurobiology and acoustics, from the emotion emotion reaction to the music, the biological effects of various systems of the human body are stimulated. From music psychology to music neurobiology, Become a therapy. Discipline establishment The establishment of the World Association of Music Therapy in 1974 marked the establishment of music therapeutics as a formal discipline. The traditional concept of music therapy is based on the psychological treatment and methods, using the unique physiological and psychological effects of music, so that people who seek treatment in the music therapist's participation, through specially designed music experience music experience, to eliminate Mental disorders, recovery or improve physical and mental health purposes. As an art, music can give people a great spiritual enjoyment, but music therapy and music appreciation is different, its purpose is to regulate the body and mind state, by improving the symptoms, improve the quality of life. Therefore, the main object of music therapy is the existence of physical and mental symptoms of sub-health state and clinical patients. Of course, there will be some healthy people in order to maintain the health of the purpose of seeking music Chinese characters. In view of music therapy is concerned about the overall regulation of both physical and mental, emphasizing the improvement of symptoms, improve the body's ability to self-healing and quality of life, rather than for pathogens and lesions. Therefore, music therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment or rehabilitation treatment methods can be widely used in clinical subjects patients. As a separate treatment, music therapy is mainly used for functional disorders and mental and physical diseases such as functional hypertension, functional gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disorders, mood disorders (such as depression, anxiety disorders) and autism and other mental disorders patients treatment. In addition, adverse life style, social and occupational stress and environmental pollution caused by the "sub-health status" has become the world's attention. "Sub-health state" refers to the body although there is no clear diagnosis of the disease, but prematurely showed increased fatigue, decreased ability to respond, reduced ability to adapt; physical symptoms of fatigue, sleep disorders, pain, constipation or diarrhea; Psychological symptoms are mainly forcing, hostility, anxiety and depression. These sub-health physical and mental symptoms can be improved through music therapy.

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