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Mar, 2023



The benefits of music therapy for insomnia Development of music therapy makes music with another charm, it might be enough to contain the means to compete bustle all day , physically and mentally exhausted thoroughly modern anxiety to rest , away from the competitive and stressful pace of life ; make the suffering of the disease people feel hope and joy ; enable people with disabilities to obtain sustained release of the soul. Of course , healthy people who may wish to listen to some songs in life yardsticks , or leisure time to nature , to listen to the voice of nature , such as those off the tuk tuk sound woodpeckers pecking wood , the rumble of thunder , wind over wheat to the sound of brush , pigeons cooing , etc. , to feel the natural beauty and tranquility of life, let your mind and body and life have been relaxed. Domestic insomnia expert Professor Wang Wenliang noted that music can be pleasing , have a good mood . Insomnia mainly rely on their own psychology to regulate, music is undoubtedly a key treatment of insomnia magic ! Insomnia is the inability to sleep or inability to stay asleep , resulting in lack of sleep. Also known as sleep and maintaining sleep disorders (DlMS), for a variety of causes difficulty falling asleep, sleep depth or frequency to spend a short time, or lack of waking and poor quality of sleep is a common disease . Insomnia often give patients brought great pain and psychological burden of insomnia due to abuse drugs would damage other aspects of the body . But there are many ways to relieve and treat insomnia. Music therapy is a method of non- drug treatment of insomnia . If you can fall asleep listening to the front of some beautiful melodies, fast-paced, sweet harmonies of classical music and light music , sleep is very good . Music therapy selected song also need varies from person to person because of the situation . Each person's character , musicianship and song -loving different, so should be targeted to select different music , focusing on the overall regulation . 1 , in general , personality depressed people sleep, should listen to the beautiful melody and smooth , fast-paced, joyous melody of a class of music 2 , young people suffering from anxiety and insomnia youthful , elegant and elegance should listen to the melody , the rhythm is slow, leisurely atmosphere , elegant style of a class of music 3 , irritability , insomnia people , should listen to the beautiful melody , quiet melody , rhythm and melody of a music class 4 , who generally have insomnia , you should listen less variable rhythm , melody is slow, quiet and elegant music

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