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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



The application to assist in solving the most important marine problems. - For Marine Navigation + Direction and distance on the Earth's surface. + Meridional parts. + Plane Sailing. + Traverse Sailing. + Current and wind sailing. + Allowing for current and wind. + Calculate true wind and apparent wind on a ship running. + Nautical Almanac +Two Lop Fix +Three Lop Fix + Correcting marine sextant altitude of sun and stars. + Probability Distribution Function. + Standard Deviation and Error. + Offline GPS. - For Maneuvering : + Avoid collisions + Change of station in cases: - with time specified - with speed specified - with course specified + Course and speed of another ship. + Closest point of approach(CPA). + Ability to reach another ship going faster. + Close or open to another ship in cases : - as quickly as possible. - on a constant bearing. - with time specified. + Maneuver to intercept another ship going faster. + Close to another ship as close as possible. + Bearing and distance to another ship in advance. - For Learning : + International regulations for preventing collisions at sea (COLREG) include Rules; Lights signs; Shapes signs and Sounds signs. + Marine signalizations include Flag signalling; Morse signalling by hand; Morse code. + Maritime buoyage system. + Unit Conversion for Maritime + Glossary of Marine Navigation + Download author Vu Cong The. [email protected]

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