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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Points is an easy to use rewards and Behavior Monitoring App, you can easily reward your children / students for good behavior and keep them motivated, this tool can improve your child's behavior, I developed it to monitor my children's behaviors and it works :) so I decided to publish it and share it with you. Collected Points can be exchanged for great rewards that you and your children select together, such as each point equals to one dollar or 10 points can be exchanged with one scoop of ice cream or "One Hour Of Internet", and so on. With a single tap give or take points from any kid on your app. This app has lots of features including: - Create an account. - Create a profile for each child. - Upload Image for each profile. - Edit or Delete profiles. - List all children in one place. - Give or Take Points and write a reason. - Share child’s profile via email, messages, whatsApp, etc. - Face ID/Touch ID supported. - Setup Monthly allowance for all listed profiles. - View Profile's logs. - Create / edit / delete your own behavior list. - Create / edit / delete your own rewards list. - Give points to all kids with single tap. - Reward Your Kids == Kids can view their profiles from any device by scanning QR Code. == Supports English and Arabic Languages. النقاط هي وسيلة سهلة لتطبيق المكافآت ومراقبة سلوك أطفالك أو طلابك ، أهلا بك في تطبيق Points الذي يمكنك من خلاله مكافأة أطفالك على السلوك الجيد و تحفيزهم ، سيساعدك التطبيق على تحسين سلوك طفلك

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