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Dec, 2022



Do you need to clean your Instagram feed? Posts Cleaner for Instagram is a utility tool that helps managing your Instagram posts. Instead of spending time to manually archive or delete old posts that did not received good engagement, Posts Cleaner for Instagram lets you do it all automatically. Here is how it works: 1. Sign-in using your Instagram account 2. Select your account to start the posts gathering process 3. Once all your posts are loaded, filter and select them using their date, their engagement, their caption… 4. Then, choose to archive or delete the selected posts to start the process Because of Instagram’s public API limitation, we recommend not to archive or delete more than one post every 15 seconds, so make sure you set the appropriate delay in the settings. • Easy to use This app offers an easy and intuitive experience. Just sign-in your Instagram accounts and start archiving or deleting your posts. • Safe and secure This app is built with security first: it operates by Instagram's public API and ensure your account's safety. • Simple pricing A unique subscription gives you access to all the current and upcoming features of the app and for as many Instagram accounts as you need. Terms of Use Privacy Policy

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