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Jan, 2023



For a limited time only: 50% OFF *****NEW FEATURES in Version 4.0***** - Rounding: Now you can round your surebets to 1,5,10 or 50 and the app shows you how much you can win for each outcome when rounding. - You can calculate your surebets based on the stake you want to invest for a specific bookmaker. (For example: You want to bet 1000 dollars on bookmaker 1. The app calculates how many dollars you have to bet on the other bookmakers). ************************************************ FINALLY YOU WILL WIN EVERY SPORTS BET A surebet promises a sure win, because you bet on two or three different bookmakers on every outcome of a sports game. Don't care which team will win - YOU WIN ANYWAY! Longer explanation in the app itself. With the app "Surebet Calculator Pro" you can calculate your surebets everywhere and anytime. Making money has never been easier before. - Calculate your surebets based on the total amount you wish to bet. - Calculate your surebets based on the amount you wish to bet on one specific bookmaker. Advantages of Surebet Calculator Pro: - Round your stakes. - Save and load your surebets. - Choose your odds format. - Write notes. - Protect your notes with a password. - Better layout. - No ads. Don't wait any longer! Download, calculate, bet and WIN!

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