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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Try to help rocket man surviving as long as possible from the lava beneath him and compete with your friends to gain points/scores with your precision on landing on the platforms at the right time! Don't fall to the floor of lava! Rocket man is in a dire situation. He is stuck in the volcano with a hot lava running below him. Fortunately, he has a rocket which can make him fly above the lava and also platforms which occasionally come up to his rescue! Join the struggle of the rocket man in this tap and release game and try to land on the platforms as many as possible to survive longer and gain points/scores while refilling your fuel. Compare the points/scores which you get in this tap and release game with your friends to see where you rank at in terms of precision skill! I hope you enjoy this simple, fun, and hopefully addictive game, The Floor is Lava! Tap Release!

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