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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



This is a very intriguing and engaging tower defense game type where you defend your fort from the attacks of your number balls enemy using a constant tapping. How long can you survive the attacks and buy time for your people to get to safety? In this game, you play as Shooter. Shooter is one of the last warriors from his kingdom, plain ball kingdom. They have fought and lost against the number ball kingdom and now their enemy launch a full scale attack against his kingdom. Shooter wants to be the protector of ball kingdom's people by buying time for his people to escape so he try to defend the fort himself as long as possible! Join the effort from Shooter as he tries to be the protector his people needs and defend the fort of his kingdom and survive as long as possible! Constantly tap to shoot every enemy that comes by near the fort and help to improve the kingdom's survival chance by keeping the number balls at bay as long as possible! Enjoy the game and compete with your friends to see who rank the highest in terms of the fort defense tap precision skill! You can even play with the help of taps from your friends to defend the fort longer and score higher points! I hope you enjoy this simple yet hopefully ruthless and stimulating game called The Protector - A Constant Tap!

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