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Jul, 2020



Mercury Notes is an iCloud-enabled Markdown note taking utility. With Mercury Notes, all of your notes are accessible via search, and created via search. Search for something & don't find an applicable note? Simply tap "Go" to create a new note with that as the title. And since Mercury Notes uses plain text & native tags, all your notes & tags are synced and accessible via the Files app! FEATURES: * Native tags * All your notes are stored in easy human readabile files * Fast & Efficent Notetaking * iCloud Sync Mercury Notes was built from the ground up to stay out of your way as much as possible. That's why it uses native tags, and all of your notes are stored in plain text in iCloud Drive. There's no lock-in whatsoever – you can add & remove notes via the Files app, you can edit tags on the desktop via the Finder, and they'll all be accessible in Mercury Notes. No proprietary format or 3rd-party server.

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