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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



A collection of 3D4Medical's NOVA Series apps, each offers an in-depth look at specific body systems. Both, Muscle System Pro III and Skeletal System Pro III (NOVA Series) give users an in-depth look at the muscle and skeletal systems, respectively. Each structure has detailed information. Users can also watch animations for every articulation, add/remove layers, rotate, create notes, share screenshots and more. Heart Pro III offers similar functionality to all the NOVA Series apps and users can easily cut, zoom & rotate parts of the heart system. The app also features animations covering heart functions and disease states (17 are free and 52 are available for in-app purchase). Brain & Nervous System Pro III allows users to freely explore the inner anatomy of the brain. Featuring detailed ventricular systems and Brodmann areas, as well as multiple orthogonal slices of the brain on the transverse, sagittal and coronal planes. Additionally, the app includes a comprehensive peripheral nervous system and expanded central nervous system. Included are spectacular animations which offer insights into disease states and functional anatomy down to the cellular level.

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