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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Cube is the simplest period tracker. You can log your days quickly, and Cube lets you know when your next period is coming. It's simple, cute, and easy to use. And because of its friendly design, you don't feel like using app for your period. ◎ Quick Data Entry All you have to do is to log your period (Start date and duration). That's all! Cube is an easy-to-understand app that dared to remove complex functions. ◎ Little Cubes Will Tell Your Next Cycle There are many little cubes in Cube app. They'll form a number, and tell you how many days till your next cycle. Cute cubes will cheer you up in the days when you tend to feel down. ◎ Monthly/Yearly Calendar Cube shows you the past and future period dates in a simple year-view calendar. You can also see your events from Apple's Calendar app in a month-view calendar. It'll come in handy when you check your schedule. [ FEATURES ] ・ Easy-to-use period tracking (Log only start date and duration of your period) ・ List of your cycles ・ Monthly/yearly calendar shows your past and future period dates ・ Reminders of your next period, PMS, and ovulation (Premium) ・ Integration with Apple's Health app (write data and import existing Menstruation data from the Health app) ・ 13 themes and custom app icons to match themes (2 themes are free) ・ Widgets

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