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*** Featured in Apple's TV ad “Amazing Apps”! *** Your fitness dashboard for Apple Health app! FitPort reads your health and fitness data from the Health app (HealthKit), and shows them in a beautiful and useful way! * Light Theme is only for iOS 13+ -------------------- HEALTH APP INTEGRATION: FitPort shows you the following data from the Health app (HealthKit). You can input your data manually, and the data is stored securely in the Health app. iPhone App: - Steps - Walking + Running Distance - Flights Climbed (Floors) - Cycling Distance - Workouts (Read only) - Exercise Minutes (Read only) - Active Energy - Exercise Minutes (Read only) - Stand Hours (Read only) - Wheelchair Distance - Wheelchair Pushes - Swimming Distance - Swimming Strokes - Resting Calories (BMR) - NikeFuel (Read only) - Dietary Calories - Water - Weight - Body Mass Index (BMI) - Body Fat Percentage - Lean Body Mass (LBM) - Heart Rate (Read only) - Blood Pressure - Sleep Analysis - Mindful Minutes - Waist Circumference (iOS 11) - VO2 max (iOS 11) Apple Watch App: - Steps - Walking + Running Distance - Active Energy -------------------- FEATURES: iPhone App: - Displays your fitness data from Apple's Health app - Hourly/daily/weekly graph - Shows previous data - Shows your stats - Sets goals and monitor your progress - Change layouts (Auto / Grid / List) - Change units - Shows Steps and Walking + Running Distance automatically (iPhone 5s and above) - Shows Flights Climbed automatically (iPhone 6 and above) Apple Watch App: - Shows Activity Ring, Steps, and Distance - You can see the last 7 days of data in a graph by turning the Digital Crown. - Complications -------------------- NOTE: FitPort does not create any data. It simply reads data from the Health app. -------------------- PRIVACY POLICY SUMMARY: Your data is stored in the Health app (HealthKit), and FitPort will never collect your personal health data. See full privacy policy for more details. --------------------

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