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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Hops is a gamified activity tracker. It motivates you to be more active every day. The spirits of trees called Hops live in the forest. And your everyday activities in the real world help them grow! Your activities, such as walking, running, exercising or climbing stairs, will be used as energy for exploring new areas and crafting materials for items. And you can collect Hops Friends by achieving missions! Be more active every day with Hops! ------------------------------ ◎ FEATURES - Explore the beautiful forests with cute Hops - Get traveling energy by achieving daily goals - Get crafting materials from your steps - Change outfits and get cool effects - Collect Friends by completing missions - Glanceable recent activities and stats - Measure Walking workouts ------------------------------ ◎ APPLE WATCH APP FEATURES (Requires watchOS 5.1 or later) - Stats for Today and Yesterday You can see your stats for Activity, Steps, Floors (Flights Climbed), Distance, Workouts(minutes) instantly. - Measure Walking Workouts While measuring walking, Steps and Floors (Flights Climbed) will also be displayed in real time. ------------------------------ ◎ DAILY GOALS You will earn Energy by achieving the Daily Goals. And if you accomplish every daily goal, you'll get an extra bonus Energy! You can choose 3 activities from the following: - Activity Rings (Apple Watch required) - Steps - Floors (Flights Climbed) - Workouts (minutes) - Distance - Stand (based on Steps) ------------------------------ ◎ 500 STEPS = 1 MATERIAL One crafting material appears every 500 steps. The app will display a maximum of 20 materials simultaneously. Let's walk a lot and get more materials! ------------------------------ ◎ MISSIONS Missions are the challenging activity goals with a limited time period from 1 hour to 24 hours. By succeeding it, you will get Hops Friends! ------------------------------ ◎ ABOUT ACTIVITY DATA This app integrates with Apple's Health app and reads/writes activity data from it. On iPhone, the Walking workout is measured using Core Motion, and Hops app writes the result in the Health app. The Health data is saved only in your devices. It will never be sent to anywhere by the app without your permission.

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