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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Are you on a low carb diet or dealing with diabetes? Counting your daily carbohydrate intake gets old fast. Imagine a carb counter that does all of the work for you, so you can focus on losing weight and staying motivated. Low Carb Diet Assistant is easy-to-use carb counter, complete with sugar, Net carbohydrates, Weight and Water tracking. Database contains over 300,000 food items including Atkins and South Beach foods! The perfect companion to Atkins, South Beach, Protein Power or even Zone Diet! FEATURES: Daily info for Net Carbs, calories, fat, saturated fat, protein, sugars, sodium & fiber Water tracking Daily Weight tracking View your daily BMI Pie chart with nutrition breakdown User defined reports Full Screen graphs for Carbs, Daily Weight and Water Over 300,000 food items 603 restaurants Over 1000 food brands Works on iPhone and iPod Touch US and SI units support No internet connection needed Set daily Net Carbs budget Set daily Water budget Set Weight Goal Export log as CSV that can be opened with Excel or Numbers Pie chart on the overview screen FOOD FEATURES: Search database Add any food item as favorite into group Ability to enter your custom food items manually Ability to edit or delete any favorite item Save any food item under meal group (breakfast, snack...) Quick Add feature (allows you to add carbs in just 2 taps) Ability to manually resort favorites Previous Items, list of recently used items Ability to view full nutrition info for any food item List of 404 restaurants by alphabetical order LOG FEATURES: View Net carbs count for each day Full screen graph for Net Carbs Ability to delete, modify or change meal for any log item View nutrition reports for day, week or by user defined period WATER FEATURES: Set daily Water Limit and view it on graph Add or remove item from water log View water for all days on graph WEIGHT FEATURES: Add, edit or remove daily entry Set Weight goal in settings and view it on graph View weight for all days on graph SETTINGS: Select staring weight Select goal weight Select your height Set daily Net Carbs Budget Set Daily Water Budget OTHER FEATURES: Ability to empty entire database Help manual Exporting nutrition data from log Changing units

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