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Jan, 2020



It was supposed to be easy, like taking candy from a baby. So how did you end up dodging bullets, hiding out & avoiding high tech lasers, and coming face to face with certain death? Something went awry but luckily for you, you’ll be guided by our p-bot Nori (the Jarvis equivalent for Iron Man) as she guides you out of your last big heist! ▶ BACKGROUND Palanor Preview is a mobile marketplace where we allow your favorite trainers, social media influencers, and athletes to create ultra-immersive audio experiences leveraging Artificial Intelligence to gamify your workout! In this preview, you’ll play our first Palanor Original ‘The Heist EP’ as we go through an intensified workout unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Every track takes you through a new twist and turn as you fight to preserve your freedom (and health). Can’t complete the workout effectively in one go around? We’ve got you covered! Browse through an assortment of workouts from Palanor Trainers Nori, Max, and Travessa as they help you prepare to complete The Heist! ▶ WHAT PLAYERS SAY: “I didn’t know I could push myself to these limits!” “I can’t even lie, these tracks actually go hard lol” “The only thing wrong with this app is that there aren’t any more EPs! When are the rest coming out???” ▶ SAFETY: Autoplay Technologies, Inc. does not assume any liability or risk for individuals that consume this product. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the completion of these exercises, stop what you’re doing and consult a medical health professional. ▶ GET PREMIUM ACCESS: Be the first to know when the entire marketplace is made available! ▶ ATTRIBUTION We would like to thank open source photo libraries and for distributing easily searchable, high-resolution images. We would also like to thank the YouTube audio library for distributing a wide array of open source music content which you can hear in many of the audio tracks of Palanor Preview.

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