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Build your inner peace from the ground up Work, family responsibilities, and the fast pace of life might push anyone out of balance. You might feel anxious, constantly irritated, or even depressed. There is no shame in getting help while you get back on your feet. Sensa is here to guide you through the entire journey to self-care, unlocking scientifically backed information to help you understand yourself better on your own terms. Just in 1–3 months, you will start your day with a new outlook on life. Meet your calm mind assistant: Self-paced lessons Heal at your own pace and learn all about calming your mind with daily lessons about mental health. Understand how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour are tightly interconnected, and start to untangle negative patterns using proven techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) experts. Easy daily tasks Try out quick yet effective 10–30-minute activities that help you create healthy lifelong habits. Find out which new habits are perfect for you and create a daily routine that puts you at ease. Build up your resilience to stress as you set up your morning, evening, and wind-down routines that bring peace to your day. Mood journal Deep dive into your subconsciousness as you explore how you tend to react to challenges and victories. Track your mood in a mood journal, analyse the patterns that emerge, identify emotional triggers, and understand yourself better with every passing day. To feel better, you might need to eliminate certain stressors – but first, you must learn to identify them. Habit-building tips and strategies Small changes repeated daily are more effective than massive changes repeated once. Implement new habits with surgical precision , and find out the easiest way to get better for years to come. Understand and manage your anxiety triggers at your own pace to always feel in control with tips and strategies that have helped thousands before you. Weekly assessments Complete the DASS-21 depression, anxiety, and stress self-evaluation surveys to track how your outlook changes over time. These weekly assessments are a helpful tool that will provide you with a deeper understanding of how you are feeling at the moment and guide you toward feeling better with no pressure. Quick relief exercises Sometimes, long-term strategies are not enough, and you need help on the spot. No matter if it’s a big presentation, an aftermath of a fight, or a spiral of negative thoughts – you can put your mind to rest with quick-relief exercises. Explore stress-free activities and relax in stressful situations quickly without ever losing control. It's time to embark on your journey We are glad to be here for you and guide you on your new path. Disclaimer: Mental self-help apps like Sensa are not a replacement for or a form of therapy, nor are they intended to cure, treat, or diagnose medical conditions, including psychiatric conditions. Please consult a qualified health provider for a medical treatment plan. Sensa is purely meant to help users with stress and anxiety management and healthy lifestyle maintenance. Privacy policy: General conditions:

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