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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Getir is a mobile retailer that delivers more than a thousand everyday items and hot meals instantly! Getir is the solution to big city problems. We’ve brought a new dimension to online shopping. At the tap of a button, Getir will bring you your needs while GetirYemek will bring you the dish of your choosing, within minutes. Don’t bother going out to a grocery store, supermarket or a restaurant, we are here for you. Thanks to our expanding product range, we bring more than a thousand everyday items. When your cute dog (all dogs are cute) runs out of dog food, Getir is there. Throwing a party and forgot to get snacks and sweets, Getir is there. Broke or lost your charger and your battery is about to die? Getir is there. Plus, if you ever run out of water at night or even on weekends, our own water brand Kuzeyden is just a tap away. 24/7! Office, house, park, we bring it everywhere. You don't bother. Thought it would end there? It doesn’t. With our new member in the family GetirYemek, we bring you your meals in "Getir speed" too. You just choose anything you like, order, sit down and relax knowing when we’ll arrive from the map. Pizza, hamburger, lahmacun, kebab and many more, hot as they come. Your online food order is at your door in minutes. Getir’s various forms of deliverers make up a network that strives to provide almost instant delivery to our customers. Your food orders are being picked up by “Getir” couriers only and delivered directly to you as soon as possible. What could be better than knowing when to expect your order? Right after you tap ‘order’, you can watch the arrival of the courier on the map, live. Getir also facilitates quick and safe payment by credit card. Paying for your everyday items has never been this easy. Once you register your card, no wallet or card will be needed again! Moreover, no one can see your credit card information, including Getir. Your card’s information is protected by Mastercard’s payment infrastructure Masterpass or BKM. Have a problem with your delivery? Getir customer services is available 24/7! Just say Getir, we’ll get it there!

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