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Numerous abbreviations are confusing in pharma world. Is "o.d" once daily or does it have any another meaning ? What is tsp ? Teaspoon or Tablespoon ? How much "ml" is a teaspoon vs. tablespoon ? Find information on all such things in this app. Content includes:  Commonly used prescription abbreviations  Latin equivalents (if available) Antiretroviral drugs abbreviations  Pharmaceutical formulations abbreviations  Disclaimer: The content in this app is for educational purpose only. Although we have put maximum effort in making the content up to date, there may be some errors and obsolete data. We regret such issues and constantly strive hard to update such data to currently accepted standards. Accordingly, we are not liable to any losses occurring due to such errors. The content in the app does not represent as a resource for any of the examinations or clinical scenario; the user should try to verify the authenticity of the content from standard references. Please read the terms and conditions before using the app.

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