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"Best ACLS App for the iPhone" - ACLS RHYTHMS AND QUIZ ACLS Rhythms and Quiz is one of the first and still THE BEST ACLS App on the Apple App Store. ACLS Rhythms and Quiz - REVIEWS -Dynamic movies simulate real-life clinical practice, with all the alarms and noises to recreate a stressful environment. ACLS Rhythms is a fantastic way to learn! -The Cardioversion movies are fantastic! This app is an Excellent Reference & Teaching Aid for Adult Cardiac Life Support, ACLS Rhythms & Quiz is produced by two practicing Anesthesiologists using real-life scenarios from our 20 years of clinical experience. Not a basic ACLS algorithm app or simulator, instead ACLS Rhythms & Quiz is an App designed to help you recognize and understand ACLS arrhythmias. ACLS instructors around the country use ACLS Rhythms and Quiz to teach rhythm recognition in their classes. ACLS Rhythms & Quiz provides all the information you need at the bedside to run the code like a pro during any ACLS event. No need to carry around sets of algorithm cards or cheat sheets. Our quiz function makes test prep a breeze when it is time to renew your ACLS every two years. Purchase once and be prepared for the rest of your career as we update the app with AHA Guideline Updates. -Beautiful HD Movies designed specifically for Retina Displays -Textbook examples of common arrhythmia's -Real Life rhythms with pulse oximetry tones, defibrillation noises & monitor alarms -Each movie is complete with pearls for identification -Comprehensive ACLS Rhythms Exam to test your understanding -Details common ACLS medications, doses, & method of action -Guidelines for the management of Adult Cardiac Arrest -Comprehensive ACLS App Life-like electrocardiograms with pulse oximetry tones, defibrillation noises, and monitor alarms add realism to your interpretation and learning. Learn rhythms faster using sight and sound!! Our one of a kind cardioversion movies allows you to watch ACLS rhythms and witness post cardioversion scenarios. Soon to be your favorite ACLS app! P.S. As healthcare professionals ourselves, we will not nickel and dime you with an outrageous price or monthly subscriptions. Purchase once and get all our yearly ACLS updates and additional quiz questions free. NOTE: We have made all movies to be an accurate representation of specified arrhythmia as possible. Due to the variability of “real life” and context of the screen, there may be small variations in intervals and measurements from a textbook 12-lead ECG of these arrhythmias. Help us make this app better for you. We love feedback, and please send us your suggestions.

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