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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Barometric Altimeter with "Pure Altitude" alghoritm. The first altimeter for iPhone with machine learning for the best GPS accuracy. Outdoor barometric altimeter with seven open source maps specially designed for walkers, compass with places search, weather and step counter. Determines the altitude of your current location based on the GPS tracking, Aster or barometric ( iPhone 6 or > ) DISCOVER WHY IT'S DIFFERENT Many other altimeter for iPhone must have internet connection enabled for working ....but in mountain, desert or other places, you don't have it! This altimeter read the accurate iPhone GPS and barometer data directly with proprietary refined algorithms. Altimeter GPS never leave you alone! 
MAIN FEATURES: • ALTIMETER and SPEEDOMETER: you can choose meters-km/h or feet-mph No internet connection required for altitude and speed readings. 
 • Barometer altitude measurement (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) • Altimeter with GPS and ASTER measurement • PEDOMETER / STEP COUNTER: This pedometer read directly the data from M7 co-processor of your iPhone 5s/6/6plus. No set up needed, just push a button, start walking & get healthy. • SUNRISE/SUNSET calculator: It calculates Sunrise and Sunset with a proprietary algorithm based on your actually GPS coordinates. No internet connection needed. • POSITION FINDER. Save your start position and calculate the shortest way for return. • TODAY WIDGET: with current address and current altitude (iOS8) • FLASHLIGHT : Bright. Fast. Simple. The most elegant and functional flashlight • COMPASS : you never lost the way with current direction indicator on the main screen and the new compass with PLACE FINDER. The compass always work, also without Wi-Fi or 3G! • OPEN STREET MAP, HIKE MAP, STAMEN MAP and OPEN CYCLE MAP. • CHRONOMETER. Simple and easy to use. It works also in background • Your current ADDRESS always on main screen. You always know where you are! Whether you are ascending Mount Everest or down in Death Valley, Altimeter GPS knows your current altitude. 

Altimeter GPS is a great app for all enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking ...

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