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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Amperes is an ultimate battery and charger testing app. It can help you find bad chargers and cables, check wired and wireless chargers, and provides other system information. It includes battery charge alarm, that will notify you on chosen battery charge level and more. You can submit your score to online benchmarking engine, that will show how your result scores compared to other users of the same devices. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH AMPERES: + Get the actual charging rate of your battery. + Measure charging speeds of your wireless charger. + Monitor battery level, get notification on reaching the desired battery charge level. + Compare different charging cables. + Compare different chargers. + Customize your tests with wire types, charger types and comments. + Compare different charging sources like power banks. + Show most vital device information - disk space, memory, thermal status + Simple test result view, colored by the test result. + Option to export test results. Got a new cable? Find out its quality and how good is it with Amperes! New wall or car charger? Test its actual output with Amperes! Wireless, QI chargers or power banks? Ampere can test those too.

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