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Feb, 2023



Do you know why the C1 vertebra is called “ATLAS” ? Atlas is a Greek mythological character who carries the globe. Similarly, C1 vertebra is the first vertebra that carries the head (globe). Similarly, C1 vertebra (Atlas) is the first vertebra that carries the head (globe). We are trying to simplify anatomy like the above example and more. Anatomy is a beautiful subject. However, students face a lot of issues as they deal with this subject early on in their graduate education. Anatomy terms are often excruciatingly difficult to remember. Mnemonics are a way to remember about specific topics in anatomy. No wonder there are a lot of them floating around. We have created a beautiful mnemonic database with elegant illustrations to aid recall anatomy topics. Several visual aids are also provided for certain topics. Quiz yourself with specific MCQ around the topics presented in the app. Don’t just go through mnemonics and forget them. Answer the quiz, test your knowledge and retain more of what you learn. App features: 100+ mnemonics covering anatomy and embryology 50+ illustrations/ visual aids to aid in recall MCQs to test your knowledge Favourite mnemonics

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