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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Meet Art Puzzle, a brand new stress-relieving game by Easybrain. It's a unique place where colouring books meet jigsaw puzzles! Relax and engage your mind with breathtaking stories coming to life. In Art Puzzle, you solve puzzles by fitting together pieces of a drawing and watching them build into a colourful animated painting. It's a completely new gaming experience of a classic colouring game. Every puzzle has been specially created for Art Puzzle. Each puzzle is a unique multilayered piece of art. Many different artists have created fascinating paintings in which you can immerse yourself. Enjoy an incredible world of amazing stories. All pictures are hand-drawn with original styles and techniques. Explore hundreds of amazing pictures and brighten your mood! Enjoy Art Puzzle: * Enjoy a fun twist on jigsaw puzzles and colouring books. * Every picture comes to life as the puzzle animates when completed. * Each game level is a little more challenging but very fun and relaxing. * Tons of fascinating hand-drawn pictures from different artists, each with their own original style and technique. * Stuck on a puzzle? Watch helpful hints that easily guide you to finish. Create fun beautiful artwork as you challenge your mind and relax at the same time. Now, let’s get started with your first art puzzle!

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