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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



If you enjoy mowing games, you’ll love ASMR Honey. It’s a crazy grass-cutting game with a twist: there is no actual grass! After an odd accident, you've found yourself in an alternate universe where all grass looks like honeycombs. The only thing left to do is start harvesting honey to survive and get some anxiety relief. Take your harvester out for a ride, collect all the honey, and start making sweet money in one of the most unique lawn mower games. Did you know that it takes the lives of a dozen bees to produce a single drop of honey? Luckily for you, in this ASMR grass-cutting game, making honey is nothing but quick and relaxing. Experience the anxiety relief from ASMR effects as you drive around cutting through the thick wax. What's more, you can build a honey business in this mowing simulator. Collect all honeycombs you see and bring them to your base to sell your sweet honey for money. Work like a busy bee to turn your small honey farm into the sweetest empire in the history of mowing games! Ready to join one of the craziest mowing games of all time? ASMR Honey is full of features all fans of lawn mower games will enjoy. BEST FEATURES: ● Mowing simulator with a unique story. Bet you haven’t seen grass made of honey in other grass-cutting games! ● Antistress ASMR. Forget about your everyday worries as you trim the honeycombs. ● Never-ending upgrades. Increase the engine power, sharpen the blades, and expand the trunk of your harvester to collect and sell as much honey as possible. ● Crisp and bright graphics. Get immersed in the fantastic world of this lawn mower game! ● Worldwide honey business. Explore new islands and collect all the golden goodness on them. ● Simple and addictive gameplay. This antistress game will prove to you that harvesting honey can bring anxiety relief! So, what are you waiting for? One of the best grass-cutting games needs your help with honey grass. Join this antistress mowing simulator right now and dive into the most beedazzling ASMR adventure!

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