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Barkio dog monitoring app turns two devices into a smart pet camera. Watch live video of your puppy, hear if your dog barks, and interact with your pet remotely. Staying close to your dog has never been easier. Helpful Barkio features for all pet parents: - live HD video to watch your dog, puppy, and pet - record video and capture a photo during monitoring - hear if your dog barks, howls, whine - see if your dog is calm (motion detection) - upcycle your older iPhone or iPad and give it a new purpose - unlimited distance between you and your dog with WiFi and cellular data - talk to your puppy and communicate remotely - prerecord commands to calm your dog down - 2-way video so your dog can see you too - activity log to see everything your pup has been up to - multiple platforms - keep an eye on your dog through phone, tablet, or laptop - detect signs of separation anxiety in dogs - all family members can monitor their pet - no need for pet cameras, treat dispensers, or collars For some functionalities, you need to purchase Barkio Premium (free trial available). HOW BARKIO HELPS MONITOR YOUR PET? Watch video of your dog See what your pup is doing in a live HD video feed. Is your dog barking, howling, playing, or destroying your new pair of shoes? When the visibility is bad, Night Light can help with brightening up the room and catch the attention of your pet. Hear every bark Barkio transmits the sound, so you'll know if your dog is barking, howling, or whining, and you'll be able to calm your pet down remotely. Distance is no longer a limit Barkio works on WiFi and cellular data so you can monitor your pet from anywhere - from work, when running errands or when enjoying a night out. Stay notified in every situation When noise is registered, Barkio will send you a notification with an audio snippet. You'll be able to tell if your dog is noisy and needs your attention. Power-saving background mode When using Barkio in the background, the pet monitor will inform you about your dog through notifications. This mode helps to save a lot of battery on your device when monitoring. Interact with your dog With Barkio pet camera, you can communicate with your puppy remotely, calm it down, or stop your dog from disobeying. Whenever you can't talk to your pet live, you can prerecord your custom voice messages (commands) and use them to ease your dog's anxiety. Communicate with two-way video With our dog surveillance app, you will see your pet, and your dog or puppy will be able to see you as well. Activity log Barkio records noises, videos, or photos from each monitoring.These activity logs help you to understand your dog's behavior, and show any signs of separation anxiety, such as excessive barking, howling, or whining. Upcycle your older phone or tablet Do you have an older device lying around? Reuse your older phone or tablet as the Dog Station and give it a new meaning. No need to purchase expensive hardware cameras or collars when you can recycle and reuse devices you already have. By upcycling your older devices, you help to save the environment while being able to watch over your pet remotely with the Barkio Dog Monitor app. Deal with separation anxiety in dogs Dog surveillance proves to be a helpful way to discover signs of separation anxiety in dogs. Barkio provides you with an overview of the pet's behavior to get a proper diagnosis by the vet and helps with solitude training. Monitor across all platforms Enjoy Barkio across all platforms with an easy setup and no extra cost. You'll be able to check on your dog from any device and connect to your pet cam at home. Invite family members to join All family members can join Barkio and monitor the dog together. You'll also have access to logs from past monitorings on all your devices, to see how your pet's behavior improves in time. Terms of Use: Got any questions or ideas? We'll be happy to hear from you at [email protected]

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